Gundam: Forgotten Generation


Building this game will take a while. I have to collect and sort copious amounts of data to find what is relevant, trim the fat, then insert (Or create) the correct mechanics to make it functional. If you have been invited to the game already (which I think most of you have), you may notice quite a few changes going on in quick succession.


This is a labor of love for me, and I will be getting as detailed as I possibly can for the pregame. That being said, If you enjoy the reading through the insane amount of detail that I will be putting in to this project feel free to do so (and if you are keeping up with the construction and have any input, please let me know), but if you are not a fan of reading through the technical specs I will be attempting to attribute to the equipment in this game, you are by no means required to know them. As with any RPG, if I have failed to make the science/mechanics in this game work in relation to the real world, the standard assumption of “The GM bridged the gap” should be applied.


If you are conceptualizing a character who is a Gundam Otaku (Specialized Mechanic, or the like), it would benefit you to have an understanding of how the basic mechanics and materials work.



Ld2hunter Ld2hunter

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