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The Year is now A.D. 2540, war has plagued humanity since the first space colony was built. There have been many different eras in the last 500 years, since the creation of the first space colony.

Universal Century 001-225: Marking the completion of the first space colony, this era lasted for 225 years. It was troubled with 6 different wars, and was the first time in human history that mobile suits were deployed in a military application.

After Colony 001-197: This Era was marked by the completion of the last of the 195 Earth Sphere Colonies. It was during this time that the people of earth unified under the Earth Federation. The Colonies resisted this unified government by forming the “Organization of the Zodiac” (Or OZ), and attempting to commence Operation Meteor. Ultimately, the five gorilla Gundam pilots who led the charge in operation meteor put a stop to the apocalyptic plan to crash a colony into the earth. These events ultimately culminated in Humanity’s first truly united government.

Cosmic Era years 1-74: At the end of the After Colony Era the earth began to run out of petroleum, humans discovered alien relics in orbit around Jupiter, and the large loss of life due to the Deadly Influenza S pandemic all escalated humanity into another era of strife. This era was marked by the first stable city on the Lunar surface, and a system of Mass Drivers used to launch various craft into space. The end of this era saw the Second Bloody Valentine War, during which Space Colony Januis was dropped on the earth. Though there was an attempt to stop the colony from crashing, the team who attempted this only succeeded in breaking the falling colony into pieces. Various cities around the world were destroyed by this event, including: Athens, Philadelphia, Quebec City, part of the Great Wall of China, Shanghai, Rome, Prague and numerous other locations. This event wrapped up in 3months of continuous war between PLANT and ZAFT forces, while the rest of the world trembled at the clash of power.

After War Years 1-24: The start of this era is marked by the “Seventh Space War” at the end of which, nearly a dozen space colonies were dropped on the earth, and wiped out almost all of the 9 billion people living on the surface. Other significant factors of this era include:
-only around a hundred million survivors on the surface after the mass colony drop
-Large areas of Earth were destroyed, with South America still being a mess even in the later years
-Massive climate changes on the planet
-A nuclear winter on Earth that lasted the first seven years of the AW era
-The appearance of new, more deadly, diseases. Among them the “Colony Disease”
This era ends with a peace treaty between the remaining earth forces and the Colony forces.

Anno Domini Year 2000:This marks the longest time of peace in world history. The world governments, in an attempt to forget humanity’s past, have decided to once again to change their calendar back to the A.D. While no one alive remembers exactly what date the old calendar was they roughly estimate that it was around year 2000, and so go back to their old system. In the first 50 years of the Anno Domini Era, humanity begins rebuilding. In the course of 300 years following this advent, wars started to begin with just as much fervor as anyone could remember. In the year 2305 a group known as Celestial Being begins intervening in military actions all around the world. The end of this era is marked with the discovery and direct peaceful interaction with an alien species that come to be known as ELS (Extraterrestrial Living-Metal Shape-shifters). In the year 2364 humanity built the first space ships capable of Quantum Teleportation over interstellar distances, the Sumeragi.

Humanity has fallen apart almost a dozen times in the 200 years since the launch of the Sumeragi, and now she’s come back…

Gundam: Forgotten Generation

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